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Safer Internet Day 2016.

We're proud to be supporting Safer Internet Day 2016. We've grouped together our favourite free lesson plans to help you prepare for the day itself.

Quick Fix: Organising your Workload.

The rumours are true, it IS possible to organise your workload, and to win back your weekends. Click here for more information on our easy quick-fix to help you manage your workload more effectively.  

The Transition: Have You Made it Yet?

Opting for electronic documents over paper can be a somewhat daunting thought, but it really needn't be. Click here to find out why schools across the globe are opting in, and how making this transition could help you perform better.  

Edu Blogging: What's it all about?

Edu Blogging as long been a buzzword in the education industry, and there's no wonder with the many benefits that it can bring to the classroom. Click here to find out why Edu Blogging is becoming more popular by the day, and what it could mean for teaching and learning at your school.  

Use Videos to Get your Pupils Engaged.

You may have heard previously that videos are a great way to get children engaged in learning, and to encourage them to take an interest in their educational development. Sounds great, but how do you get started? Click here for more information on how to incoporate videos into your lesson planning.  

Using Surveys in an Educational Environment. (Not Just in Maths!)

There are plenty of ways in which you can bring surveys into a range of different subjects. Surveys are core tools on your learning platform to help encourage critical thinking and analytical research. Click here to find out more...  

Develop your Pupils Skills by Using Discussion Forums.

Discussion forums have been on the internet since most of us can remember. With this said, they've only recently started to emerge into the education industry. Click here to find out the (not so) surprising educational benefits that can be gained from using discussion forums in class.  

Going Digital with Assignments.

Homework, Coursework and Assignments needn't be difficult to manage. Click here to find out how going digital with assignments could improve your processes giving you some time back during your evenings, and also benefit your pupils.  

 Quick! Free Lesson Plans:

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