The Importance of Promoting E-safety and Digital Citizenship


The rise of use of technology in the classroom over recent years subsequently means that the importance of eSafety within our education system has grown tremendously. Having been embedded into the national curriculum, technology is now being used in classrooms full of children as young as five years old everyday to support teaching and learning in a mixed array of subjects. Consequently it is key to teaching and learning standards and also best practice to ensure that staff from senior leadership to admin officers and pupils of all ages are confident in how to deal with potential risks. In turn this promotes eSafety and and teaches your school community on how to stay safe online, as well as on becoming responsible digital citizens in and out of their teaching and learning environments.


A note from the expert, Professor Stephen Heppell. We caught up with our industry expert and Executive Chairman of Learning Possibilities, Professor Stephen Heppell on his thoughts towards the future of eSafety and digital citizenship within education.